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You don't know whether a piece of audio equipment is the right one for you unless you hear music played on it. You are cordially invited to one of our demo rooms to see, touch, and hear the latest high-end audio products.


Demo Room 1 features the winner of the 2016 TAS Editors' Choice Award. Tannoy Revolution XT 8F ($2,600) are small size, floor-standing models that are in this brands' entry line of speakers. They are an affordable alternative to the premium Tannoy speakers. Additionally, they blend into the modern, small apartment-like environment perfectly. We are showing them with electronics from Hegel and Bryston.

In the same demo room, we also have the wonderful new Tannoy Stirling GR ($6,950), the company's bestselling speakers in the Prestige line. They offer tremendous value. The front end is provided by VPI Classic Signature with the latest cartridges from Lyra and legendary Ortofon; and in the digital domain, we have on display the Esoteric K-03X & K-01X.

We are very excited to have Conrad-Johnson as our newest line. Conrad-Johnson's commitment to sonic perfection with their latest line of high-value and high-performance electronics is the perfect fit with our ideals at New York Sound & Vision.


In this showroom, you will be able to hear the highly acclaimed Totem Acoustic Forest ($4,200) and the new Tannoy Canterbury GR ($26,950). They set the new standard in terms of sound and performance regardless of the price.

Both of these fine speakers are demonstrated with world-class electronics from Jeff Rowland. The Capri Series 2 line stage ($3,950) and power amplifier Model 625 Series 2 ($15,900) along with the highly desirable Totem Acoustic Wind Design ($15,000) are also available. Additionally, this demo room features the Berkeley Alpha DAC Reference ($16,000).

Totem Forest Signature


Our state-of-the-art demonstration showroom features top-of-the-line Avalon Acoustics loudspeakers. Here, you can listen to and experience some of the best possible sound that money can buy.

Showroom 3 includes legendary Avalon Acoustics SAGA ($125,000) with unparalleled new electronics from the Jeff Rowland Model 925 ($58,000), Jeff Rowland Corus, and the digital equipment from Esoteric P-02 transport with Esoteric DAC D-02. As an alternative, we show the Jeff Rowland Model 825 ($32,000) and the SME front end.

All of our showrooms feature the best in class front end from well-known manufacturers such as the VPI and Oracle Delphi Mk VI turntable. In addition, all systems are wired with world-class cables from AudioQuest, Cardas Audio, Purist Audio Design, Siltech, and Wireworld. The power is monitored and delivered by the new, superb Audience aR6-TSSOX power conditioners.

We have created an ideal environment where you can relax and revel in just how compelling, engaging, and realistic the experience of music reproduction can be. Please call to learn more about these wonderful products or to make an appointment for an audition in our showrooms.

News Flash

We are always updating our inventory to better serve our customers. As such, new products will be arriving soon from IsoTek, Koetsu Cartridges, Revel, and ProAc.